Breaking down the borders astrology conference

In this series of videos, Chris Turner interviews the speakers who will be appearing at Breaking Down the Borders 4, the online astrology conference .
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In , in a major breakthrough for astrological education, the NCGR education curriculum was offered for the first time ever online, under the sponsorship of GEnie's Astrology RoundTable.

IAA was founded by Ena Stanley, who taught those first online courses, and whose online institution now offers a full four-year certification course in astrology, as well as numerous beginner and elective classes and lectures taught by leading names in the astrological community. IAA is also the sponsor of Breaking Down the Borders , the groundbreaking online astrology conference which brings together dozens of the world's leading astrologers to lecture over a three-day online conference event.

With the emergence of the worldwide web in the mids, the old commercial online services began to lose their influence. Ed resigned his last contract with GEnie in and began to focus primarily on computer programming and web development. Since then, he has designed and programmed numerous web sites for a variety of businesses around the world. Ed began studying astrology in , practicing professionally from through The basis of my approach at this point is largely rooted in the techniques of Hellenistic astrology, although I also draw on my background in modern astrology regularly, for example by incorporating elements such as the outer planets.

I also teach online courses on astrology with students from around the world, and I offer certification through my course on Hellenistic astrology. About Chris Brennan. A number of more informal articles on the Horoscopic Astrology Blog. Comments are closed. As with most things timing is everything.

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Good comments. When you are ready for your astrology consultation or class the best way to contact me is by using the form below. I will write back within the next day or two and let you know when I can see you and offer you some timing options. A client consultation is usually booked for one hour but it may overrun a bit. Classes are for two hours each. I take early bird appointments and start teaching classes from am thorough the day and finish in the evening pm.

If there is a specific question you want me to analyze or other areas in your life need and in-depth interpretation often money, romance and health come up tell me as soon as possible so I can be fully prepared. Most people have a specific reason to approach an astrologer. If you wish to record the session you may bring a digital recorder or other device. I do not tape but you are most welcome to do so. You will probably want to take notes as well, so perhaps arrive with your writing materials.

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If it is an extended session feel free to bring a snack or your lunch. If your sister drove you in her car, she can cool her heels in the waiting room see, suddenly it has a name. If you feel the need to have your friends, mother or boyfriends present there are other options. Please do not bring your dog. A consultation is really about chatting for over an hour so in time we can both get parched. I provide regular tea or coffee and cookies.

13 things astrologers wish muggles understood about astrology.

By the way my tea is better than my coffee, or so I have heard… If you wish you may bring your own specialty tea bags. I also have chilled iced water for you. All consultations are strictly confidential. Even if you and I have mutual friends perhaps in the astrological community, rest assured I respect your privacy. I have three planets in Scorpio the sign of privacy and secrets and I have no problem keeping mum. You can pay for your consultation or course at the time of the booking via PayPal. On some classes and consultation pages there is a Buy now button on the screen.

If you need something slightly different then I will send you a PayPal invoice beforehand to your PayPal email address which is often different to your main email address. Your booking is only confirmed when you have paid. I will send you an acknowledgement email. I will only start analyzing your chart after I have received your payment.

I learned many years ago about spending hours of my time preparing for clients who become no-shows and, after two weeks of this, you change your approach. To my mind, professional astrology services are a luxury item. You do not need astrology. No one needs it not like bread and water. You can get free astrology anywhere online but if you want an experienced practitioner that is something else.

I do give back to the astrological community and pay-it-forward, as I donate one hour of my time every month to those in need. Check out my Giving pa ge for details. You may remain at one level for decades when life gets in the way and then pick it up later on. The process of becoming an astrologer includes particular milestones. Consider where you are. Download your handy guide now. You have probably heard of love at first sight but maybe not really believed in it. How could two people possibly know immediately if they have found the one?

Breaking Down The Borders Online Astrology Conference - Christopher Nemec - Astrologer

Surely you need to to get to know each other first, explore experiences together, have long sunset walks on the beach and picnic in a spring meadow? Yet as an astrologer working with relationships I come across couples who did, in fact, know at the point of meeting and within four weeks were committed to each other and that was ten years ago. If you speak those people who do have long-term relationships, common-law or marriage, you will find a lot of people knew it the first few weeks of meeting.

How can this be? Your astrology chart is the map for your life.

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It shows your potentials, energies and interests. It suggests talents and what needs to be explored in this lifetime. When you live in line with the energies in your chart 9as shown in the planets by house, sign and aspect you feel satisfied with life. It becomes that enough is plenty and there is nothing more you need to be fulfilled. The Moon takes about twenty-nine days to make a full pass through the zodiac. In any month it will transit all the houses of your chart. One house after the next, illuminating each area of life shown by the house, its ruler and tenants.

Astrology Classes

The Moon is like a quick tour of the chart and everything is triggered each month. In one single lunar cycle the Moon will form all possible aspects to the planets in your natal chart. Every planet will receive a conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition etc. This lunar transit explores all the emotional possibilities you have as your natal promise.

The first contact chart is an astrology chart drawn up of your first date or meeting. The potentials of the relationship are built into this chart. By the end of one lunar cycle you know all there is to know. Maybe in a broad stroke but time will fill in the stitches of the tapestry. In one lunar month you will know whether to spend the rest of your life together or call it a day. When the Moon goes around your chart it makes all the aspects and passes through every house in your chart.

If the relationship is going to work you will know within one lunar month. By this stage you will be discussing important issues as adults: religion, children, politics and exchanging copies of your credit reports. Or maybe not, and if not, what are you still doing there? Look to your natal Saturn for clues on your time wasting. Your boundaries that are there to protect you and bring Saturn to task. Learn to draw the line on dead-end relationships.

Put them in their correct pigeon-holes such as friend, colleague or nice-to-know-in-an-emergency.


You may think it better to have someone than no one. Sometimes having a hanger-on is simply a habit. Being in a relationship that is not satisfying drains the soul. It leaves you bereft of energy to move on. Ideas for running your astrology business. This piece is about finding a business name that means something. Businesses are entities all to themselves and astrology sees them as such. Every time someone says your name it confers a blessing on you. The more the name is repeated the stronger it becomes. This is how names work. You can ask the numerologists, they are happy to recommend for instance a change from Margaret to Peggy.

The powerful essence in names can be seen when parents choose a name for their children. They choose a name that they want their child to grow up to be, to develop into or that which they aspire for their offspring. Make sure you labor under the umbrella of a well thought out business name. More like little old you as just another student, or lifetime student astrologer, trying to make sense of it all and help others along the way.

Perhaps you believe you will never be good enough. But, if you see even a glimmer more for yourself then I urge you to plan for your future and get a great name.

When you start out in business you need a name.