March 29 2020 solar eclipse astrology meaning

The impulsive and enthusiastic nature of a solar eclipse means that not all conjunction to the eclipse degree of 29°27′ Pisces in this eclipse.
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Your spiritual beliefs will expand greatly. You might find that you are the right person, in the right place, at the right time! For the greater part of December, Mercury moves through Sagittarius and so being a communication specialist this planet can crowd your social calendar with lots of holiday invitations. There is a Full Moon in Gemini mid month which looks at your financial sector. With Neptune forming a challenging angle to this Full Moon it suggests confusion and lack of information necessary to make any proper wise investments.

As December gets under way spend a few minutes to think about what you would like to experience in the New Year. You are very clever at making lists, so post that list where you will see it frequently.

Astronomy Calendar of Celestial Events - Sea and Sky

Early December, with Jupiter moving from Sagittarius into Capricorn, the part of your chart most affected is with whom you share your financials. Also, Jupiter has the affect of the possibilities of you and your partner travelling overseas! Anyway it should indicate more contact than usual with individuals in other countries.

There is a lot going on this month between yourself and your partner and you both may be swept up in the general good cheer that surrounds Christmas. There is a Full Moon mid December in your sign, this means a communication project is about to be completed. As the last month of the year moves along quickly take some time out to think about what you would like to experience next year.

As I mentioned before make a list and post it where you will see it. The reason for this is that the planet Jupiter loves you writing down your goals and it is about to make a major shift early December as it changes from Sagittarius into the sign of Capricorn.

Mid month there is a Full Moon in Gemini, however Neptune challenges the angle to this Full Moon, suggesting that you do not have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Venus entering Aquarius indicates money arriving from unexpected source.

Be cautious with your investments!

The final eclipse of the year happens just after Christmas with the solar Eclipse in Capricorn. There is a considerable line up of planets in Capricorn and this promotes new opportunities in business and redevelopment. You should also see that many countries have protest movements involving change of governments.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2020

An eclipse is well known to be the ending of the last six months and the thoughtful musing of what you wish to achieve over the next six months. Hence you can expect a major shift in your daily work life and career.

Total Lunar Eclipse of January 21

The transit of Mercury through Sagittarius to the end of December enables you to see the larger picture. It is also excellent for attending workshops, lectures, and travelling interstate or overseas. The Full Moon in Gemini mid December lights up the friendship area of your chart and so your social calendar should fill very quickly. Let the Universe work its magic with you! Because early December Jupiter enters Capricorn, a fellow Earth sign, where it will be until December This is an exciting transit that will expand your relationships, creative endeavours and career.

Rick Levine Astrology Forecast for December 2019

If you and your partner are considering starting a family or a new business enterprise it could happen in There is a Full Moon in Gemini on December 13 th , and so this is a time that you are able to tie up loose ends so you can enter the New Year with a clean slate. It is wise not to make any decisions until you have all the details so do be patient as Neptune does create a confusion to this Full Moon. Strange events are sure to happen as Venus transits the sign of Aquarius, from December 20 to January 14, For some it will sparkle a romance, for others that might suggest leaving an old career for new horizons.

Solar Eclipse late December brings new opportunities. As this is the last month of the year, spend a few minutes thinking about what you would like to achieve and experience in the New Year. You will feel a major shift as Jupiter in the first couple of days makes a major shift, when it leaves Sagittarius and enters the sign of Capricorn. It will be there until December 20 th !

During this year long transit everything about your home and domestic life will expand. You could add onto your existing home or you might move into a larger home. Since Capricorn is involved your career and your professional life will also make a major shift. Mid month Mercury enters Sagittarius as well! The Full Moon in Gemini, December 13 th , highlights any further education you may wish to achieve. Make a list of desires and goals and post it where you will see it often. This will help you for the following year.

This means Saturn will help you build new structures and Pluto will make sure you stay on track. Mercury now comes in to transit Sagittarius and your financial sector throughout most of December. Your conscious thoughts turn to finances and even a search for truth about something that may concern you. You will find that new structures are showing up in your life now in the field of communication, also in your career.

You may find it all happens suddenly as by mid month Venus moves through Aquarius. This means you have a great need for freedom and independence. Give some thought to the New Year as to what you would like to experience, explore and achieve. Have a little brain storm with yourself by being as wild and as imaginative as possible!

Write it all down and put it where you will see it often. As Jupiter makes a major shift into Capricorn it will join up with Saturn and Pluto in your financial sector. This means a very strong focus on your investments and career. With this line up of planets your income could rise significantly. With Saturn in Capricorn it suggests you invest wisely and live within your means.

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No wild episodes of gambling. With Pluto there is a powerful reminder that money is simply a form of energy that is used, and reused, so use it wisely. Mercury enters your sign for most of the month taking you through the Christmas holidays, which is ideal for enjoying yourself with friends and family. This will begin on December 2 nd and goes through until December 21 st Likewise, the eclipse gives deeper meaning to the equinox this year. We have to go back to to find the last time there was a total solar eclipse on the vernal equinox.

The Great Sphinx of Giza was built to face directly toward the rising Sun on the vernal equinox.

Solar eclipse of June 21, 2020

It can be traced back as far as BC and was always celebrated on the vernal equinox. Due to the interference of the catholic church, it is now celebrated on Easter Monday. Despite attempts by the catholic church to erase indigenous cultures, the spring equinox continues to be very significant to people around the world. Alban Eilir was associated with the German goddess Ostara. Her name is the root of the words east, Easter and oestrogen. Eostre is the goddess of the dawn, the bringer of light and new beginnings, spring and fertility. Rabbits are prolific breeders, and like the spring equinox they symbolize playful sexuality.

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  • Hares were also sacred to Aphrodite and Eros because of their high libido. This solar eclipse is a perfect time to open to the quality of balance in our own lives. During this of transition, we can let go of the old and plant symbolic new seeds. The more dysfunctional our lives have been in the last six months, the stronger the need to be free. I mentioned above that there would be an increase in air crashes because of the fixed star Scheat.

    November 20 to December 22, 12222

    Check out the stellium with the Sun. Lying, crime, disgrace. Thanks Jamie! Quite an interest one, with the promise of a new begining on sept. For me, conjunct my Juno and Athena and my natal MH. Strong one for me this time! Thanks Jamie, great post. It sets off my t-square of Sun 0.

    Great article. Complete and with a lot of sense! I look forward to see the outcome of this eclipse! The comparison of the Easter Bunny with the Crucifixion of Christ is a good one. If Eclipses and Easter are about endings and beginnings, how come the bunny never gets the bullet or the ? Maybe a bald, factory chicken, that has lived in darkness, can barely walk, been pumped full of anti- biotics and growth hormones should deliver the eggs instead?

    This is my view about this eclipse… taking into account some ideas from your article and some personal experiences. This solar eclipse en Scheat, in the winged horse added to the tense aspect to Jupiter is expressed through clumsy extravagant behaviors, which could include laziness and arrogance, but more importantly this will affect the wants and the goals. If you fly too high your fall will be painful without recovery. This will permeate close relationships as a reaction to negative, poisoned feelings that have been building up throughout the latest years.

    This is the period when Saturn comes around to your natal Saturn, which happens every years. It is a good time to revisit your life goals and assess whether the life you've built is helping you accomplish those goals. It is important for you to formalize plans. After all, you are not a talker—you are a doer.